Jane has been an attorney in Naples since 1986 in the areas of real estate and business transactions. She has been active in the community as Director/Trustee of: Seacrest Country Day School, Guadalupe Center, Women’s Political Caucus of Collier County, Collier Athletic Club and Naples Pathways Coalition. In the Collier County Bar Association she was Chair of the Real Estate Section and a Co-Founding Member of the Foreclosure Task Force of Collier County dedicated to helping homeowners in crisis. Jane has been an avid cyclist since 1969 when she and her roommate were the only women at The Ohio State University riding what were then called racing bikes. They were co-founders of the original OSU Bicycle Club.

Leigh Masimore is a cycling enthusiast. His love of cycling started in college when he bought a 10 speed bike for transportation to class. During his later working years he rode on weekends in Nashville and on summer vacations in Colorado. Since retiring in 2011 and spending winter seasons in Naples, his commitment to cycling has grown each year. From October to May he leads two weekly moderate paced NV rides in East Naples. He is a FBA certified Ride Leader/Ride Marshall and has led over 5000 accident free miles since 2016. His interest in cycling safety developed after many miles dealing with Naples roads and drivers. Leigh and his wife Maggie are now full time residents of Naples.