Each month we will feature one of our great sponsors... and this month is Trek Bicycle Stores of Florida. Check out our new Sponsor Pages Link by clicking on our sponsor's logo at www.naplesvelo.com!
Trek Florida is independently owned and is made up of eight stores in South Florida and are the 7th largest Trek Dealership in North America. Trek's Naples store is conveniently located on Route 41 across from the Whole Foods in the Mercado Shopping Center.
Trek not only supports and sponsors Naples Velo but is active supporting cycling events and rides throughout SW and SE Florida.
Trek offers Naples Velo Members many benefits including a 10% discount of any custom Project One bike and parts and accessories. If you live outside of Florida part of the year, check out their Fly and Ride Program below...

Fly and Ride program

If you live outside Florida part of the year you can take advanatge of our Fly and Ride program. Order your new bike, ride it here, and we will ship home for you for FREE! And save on Florida SALES TAX!

Happy Hour at Fit & Fuel Café
Friday October 5th 5 – 8 PM
Come enjoy craft beers, great coffee and healthy food at the newly remodeled Fit & Fuel Café. Happy Hour prices for all who attend.
Hallowheels Family Fun Ride at La Colmar Bakery & Bistro
Sunday October 28th Dusk - ?
Decorate your best bike with goblins, pumpkins and lights. Bring the cowbells. Costumes encouraged but not required. Bring friends and family and join us as we ride from the La Colmar parking lot at 80 Tamiami Trail N, down to 3rd Street and 5th Avenue. After the ride, we’ll gather at La Colmar for food and drinks. This ride will be a family friendly pace and part of the ride will occur after dark. Helmet and bike lights required.
Annual Meeting at South Street City Oven and Grill
Wednesday November 14th 5:30 PM
Hear the latest news on your cycling club. Future plans, rides, Strava update, social events and more. Provide your input on local needs and concerns with board members. Enjoy cold beer and cocktails, good pizza and appetizers at South Street City Oven Grill, 1410 Pine Ridge Road (Corner of Pine Ridge and Goodlette-Frank).
Holiday Party at Naples Grande Beach Resort
Wednesday December 12th 6 – 10PM
The annual Holiday Party will be held at the newly redecorated Naples Grande Beach Resort, 475 Seagate Drive, on Wednesday December 12th. Members and guests will enjoy cocktails and appetizers outdoors on the Vista Terrace with dinner to follow in the Vista Ballroom. Bring your dancing shoes. A live DJ and dancing finish up the evening. This is a Naples Velo member only (member and 1 guest) event, please make sure your membership is current in December.

We are quickly approaching another season of crowded restaurants, the absence of available parking and increased traffic on the roads of Collier and Lee counties. The latter fact makes it essential that you operate your bike in a cautious manner always aware of potential danger around you and follow some basic safety rules listed below:
Bicyclists’ Code of Conduct
1. Always wear a helmet.
2. Do not wear headphones.
3. Never ride against traffic.
4. Stop for stop signs, red lights, and pedestrians.
5. Follow lane markings.
6. Honor others right of way.
7. Use hand signals and verbal communications for other bikers and motorists.
8. Call out debris in the road.
9. Be predictable.
10. Ride single file with traffic.
11. When riding in a pace line:
Do not overlap with the bicycle in front of you.
Maintain an even pace and do not allow a gap to be created in front of you.
When rotating off the front, do not stop pedaling until you have moved off the front of the line.
Do not cut into the line unless the rider behind you has approved your move.
Be alert to the actions of the riders in front of you.
12. Don’t unnecessarily block traffic.
13. Always use lights front and back at night and it also helps your visibility during the day.
14. Limit the size of pace lines based on traffic conditions.
15. Keep two hands on the handlebars and no aero bar use in a group.
16. Offer feedback and direction to riders acting in an unsafe way.
17. Welcome and advise new riders.
18. Obey ride max speed limit if in use in group rides.
We look forward to a safe cycling season. Be a cycling safety champion through your behavior.
If you want to learn more about cycling safety and bicycle handling skills inquire about the free Naples Velo safety and skills clinics.
Have fun cycling and be safe!

Power meters have become a mainstream training tool for serious cyclists and triathletes. The price has come down and there are many variations and manufacturers. Garmin’s third generation Vector 3 pedals not only offers a great lightweight pedal and flexible solution for power, but also includes Garmin’s Cycling Dynamics which open up a whole new world of useable ride data.

This article explores the untapped potential of Garmin’s Cycling Dynamics.
As a techie, racer and bike fitter the potential use and application of Garmin's Cycling Dynamics fascinates me. Yet when I search for relevant research from coaches of how this is being used I found next to nothing. The truth is that the technology is still so new there is not much out there.
Cycling Dynamics provide great info you can see real time on a ride or post ride:
"PP" Power Phase Data: Power phase is the pedal stroke region (between the start crank angle and the end crank angle) where you produce positive power. This also shows the left to right power ratio, and also left to right PP.
"PCO" Platform Center Offset: Platform center offset is the location on the pedal platform where you apply force.
Seated /Standing: The time spent seated verses the time standing.
I want to share a real world example of how these new tools helped me to solve a Kona bound triathlete's bike fitting problem!
A member of the Segafredo-Trek Tri Team, Grace Plager, was advised by her coach to see me for a bike fitting after experiencing pain and loss of power in her left leg at Ironman UK. Despite her bike issues Grace had a fantastic race and qualified for the World Championships in Kona this Fall! I was excited to help her out.
I knew Grace from the club but never had worked with her as a bike fitter before.
When I put her Trek Speed Concept on the trainer I noticed that she had Garmin Vector 3 pedals. This got me thinking... I asked her if she had her Garmin file from the Ironman race. She did! Grace told me she noticed during the race that the "PPO" screen (Pedal Platform Offset) was way off. Very interesting! I was wondering about the left to right power balance as well. When I reviewed the Garmin Connect file the average PPO for the left was +1.1 mm (towards outside of the pedal) and for the right -4.1 mm (towards the inside) . The average power data was also skewed at a 48/52 right bias.
When I dug deeper into the Garmin Connect file (see charts above) the actual data fluctuated a huge amount so the average didn't tell the whole story. When I compared the PPO standard deviation from Grace's file to one of my own it was over 3X greater. There were many points greater than 10mm off the center axis for both her left and right leg. Her left to right power shifted much more than the average too, and the trend for both power balance and PPO got worse deeper in the race.
Next I had Grace ride on the trainer both and observed that her seat was very high and she was rocking her hips and reaching at the bottom of pedal stroke. Motion capture and measuring with a goniometer confirmed that the seat was high. We were able to replicate the PPO data from the race, and she felt pain in her left knee.
Now here is where it gets interesting...
I lowered the saddle to the correct height and had Grace pedal. With the seat at normal height the PPO went to the center for both pedals! After looking at the Garmin file, before seeing Grace ride, I was suspected this might be a cleat position problem that could be solved by moving the cleat. But clearly that wasn't the case or the solution!
When her seat was high Grace was rocking in the saddle which caused the uneven pressure to the pedal, and wide fluctuations. It is likely that when she experienced pain in her left knee she shifted her position on the saddle to minimize the pain, and this also shifted her pedal platform offset.
This story has a happy ending! The changes I made to Grace's bike setup resolved her pain and comfort issue and she is again training hard for Kona! And for me I was able to use a new tool, Garmin Vector 3 and Cycling Metrics, to quickly pinpoint and resolve a fitting issue. What was unique was to be able to use hours of race data to better understand the cause of the problem and get real time data feedback in the fitting studio to confirm the solution.
In closing check out the Garmin Vector 3 pedals. I highly recommend them and Cycling Metrics as an excellent training and racing tool.
If you have any tech questions or have a topic you want covered don't hesitate to email me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bill grew up on the coast of Maine and purchased his first road bike in 1971 which he rode extensively for the next ten years through college and commuting 40 miles every day to his summer job. In 1991 Bill moved from Manhattan to Naples to continue his career in finance and raise his family with his wife, Allison. He resumed road cycling in 2000 and joined Naples Velo in 2004 when he discovered the challenge and camaraderie of group riding and training. Bill is a committed believer in the individual health and societal benefits of cycling. He hopes that more areas throughout the US increasingly commit to cycling’s success as a core component of their transportation systems.

Did you know that there is a Naples Velo Strava Club where you can easily see what your club mates are up to! Check out the picture of the leader board below...
In the past this has been an "open" club where anyone can join, so it's fair to say that that are people posting who are not official members of Naples Velo, or have even ever been to Naples, but we are in the process of cleaning this up!
In the near future only current Naples Velo members will be able to join and use our Strava Club function that we are building exclusively for you. Of course everyone is welcome to join Naples Velo, and then they can join the Strava Club.
We are planning several events that promote friendly but safe "virtual" competition for the exclusive benefit of Naples Velo club members. These include a Time Trial, Photography Contest and a Leaderboard for miles ridden. We are working with Strava Tech Support to get these launched as their system needs to make some changes to accommodate our needs. Winners will receive appropriate recognition. There may be prizes as well!
If you are a current Naples Velo member and do not have a Strava account then please go to strava.com, establish one and join the Naples Velo Strava Club. The Strava account does not require payment.
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